Ziaja orange oil lip balm

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 21 August, 2010.

Ziaja orange oil lip balm

Price:   4.55 лв
Excellent moisturize lips and prevent their drying.
Protects chapped lips, even in the corners of the mouth.
Gives shine, moisturizes delicate.
No preservatives.
Natural aroma of orange oil
Active ingredients:
orange oil - extracted from orange peel has a natural orange color and flavor. Characterized by high content of bioflavonoids. There are anti-cellulite and firming action. Soothes irritations and neutralizes the effects of free radicals blamed for aging skin.
Olive Oil - strengthens the natural hydro-lipid layer. Stimulate the recovery process of the skin.
vitamin E - vitamin of youth
triglycerides - an important ingredient, present in the protective layer of the epidermis, protects against the harmful effects of environmental and water loss.


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