Seboral Forte + Herbal Lotion against dandruff

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Seboral Forte + Herbal Lotion against dandruff

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The products of Selear are ancillary remedies for the treatment of local hair loss, seborrhea, various forms of dandruff, especially in oily skin, and increased hair growth. They are also used to improve the quality of hairs and to stimulate hair regeneration and enhance growth. Seboral lotion and gel are plant products based on an aquatic extract of the Arctium Lappa plant. They are intended for outdoor use only. They can be used without a prescription. The pharmacological effect and efficacy of the preparation have been established through its long-term use and experience.
Coster Forte Plus is a herbal based lotion containing as an essential ingredient an extract of the Arctium Lappa medicinal herb, widely used in cosmetics and medicine. It has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, has anti-allergic action, stimulates metabolism, removes pruritus and dandruff, regulates skin oiling. The lotion is used to remove various forms of dandruff as well as against seborrhea. It also has a good impact on patients with socket hair loss. It strengthens the hair, stimulates the growth and regeneration of the hair. Lotion is an excellent tool for fighting the scalp!
  Unlike most commonly used selenium duloxide dyeing agents, Selear does not affect the color of hair and is more economical.
The lotion has been toxicologically tested in the National Center of Hygiene and Medical Ecology.
The lotion has been clinically tested in a skin clinic at the Faculty of Medicine.
Application: The lotion is rubbed into the scalp 3 times a week for 20 to 30 days without washing. To maintain the effect, use can continue 1-2 times a week after washing the hair.


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