L\'Oreal Elsève Fibralogy shampoo

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 28 September, 2013.

L'Oreal Elsève Fibralogy shampoo

Price:   6.39 лв
Born of Science hair L'Oreal offers a range of care that create density of hair inside. Technology Filloxane, the first active ingredient in organic and mineral origin capable of generating substance inside the hair, how it works?
Penetrates - acts deeply into the hair, even reaching the cortex
Expands - sealed inside fibrates
Cures - accumulates in the hair and permanent increases the diameter of the hair after each use
Instant hair is thicker to the touch
After 5 coats the hair shaft diameter is increased by + 37% by substance inside
Shampoo - specially developed Filloxane, to increase the diameter of each hair and wash your hair


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