HD crystal drops for hair illumined particles

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 September, 2015.

HD crystal drops for hair illumined particles

Price:   23.00 лв

Liquid crystals Crystal drops - an indispensable tool based silicone new generation treatment and prevention of split ends of hair.

Liquid crystals Diamond drops provide intensive treatment all due to the action of vegetable protein, trehalose and panthenol, organic resin and minerals they affect the structure of the hair, seal it and prevent further destruction of the hair.

Liquid Silk is recommended for use as fragile, weak, damaged, color-treated hair. The tool can be used on dry hair as a finishing touch to your hair and wet before using the dryer. The tool gives further strong shine, no effect of the film and weight does oily hair has UV protection from the sun, neutralizes odors. They have a pleasant aroma. The bottle has a small spout that allows you to extract the drops in the right quantity.

Usage: 1-2 drops of liquid crystals are applied to wet hair before blow dry or dried hair to give shine and well-groomed appearance. Do not rinse.


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