Bilka Modulator MAVRUD ageEXPERT

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Bilka Modulator MAVRUD ageEXPERT

Price:   7.99 лв

Magic sculpt body cream with the unique name "modulator" now with even better and hit formula with proven ingredients. Contains a unique combination of the most powerful antioxidants and rejuvenating ingredients with rejuvenating vazdeystvie.Izvlicha accumulated fat and tightens the modeled figure, revitalize skin cells.
Main active ingredients:
Creatine - intensely stimulates the synthesis of collagen thickens the skin and visibly correct figure.
Grape seed oil - a very rejuvenating effect - revitalize and clear free radicals and toxins from every cell causing slimming effect. Stimulate the entry of oxygen into the cells of the epidermis, tightens and improves skin elasticity.
Elastin - stimulates cell activity deep hydration and restores skin elasticity.
Result: visibly smoothes and tightens skin, improves the silhouette.
Method of administration: a circular motion is applied morning and evening (preferably after a bath).


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