Bilka Anti - cellulite cream with white grapes

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Bilka Anti - cellulite cream with white grapes

Price:   6.90 лв
Exclusive formulation incorporating the latest peptide technology based on a synergic action of the gel's active ingredients - natural White grape extract, UC Peptides and Menthol
Refreshing, cooling and light, this fast absorbing gel works actively with the skin's natural enzymes and attacks cellulite on numerous levels
Improves micro circulation of fluid waste products within the cellulite structure. Reduces and prevents cellulite
Speeds up the break-down of fat in problem areas, has a weight-loss effect
Increases collagen synthesis, impoves skin elasticity, has a firming effect
Smoothes "orange-peel" skin and strech marks
Maintains skin moisture and so slows down the ageing process of the skin
Recommended treatment: twice a day, especially effective after bath. Gently smooth into the skin and massage problem areas 5-10 minutes.
Results seen in less than 2 months


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