Bielenda Avocado Body Butter for dry skin

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Bielenda Avocado Body Butter for dry skin

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Recommended for dry skin, dehydrated, rough, with reduced firmness and elasticity, prone to irritation and flaking, sensitive to temperature changes.
  Body Butter with beautiful tropical flavor of avocado is safe care cosmetic recommended for year-round use in dry and dehydrated skin.
Intense and sustained action moisturizing deep layers of the skin, effectively regenerated. Helps the level of water in the skin, removes unpleasant feeling of tension in the skin, strengthens and restores its firmness and elasticity. Effectively restores and softens the skin and soothes irritation.
  EFFECT: optimally hydrated, radiant, revitalized skin. Irritation, roughness and flaking of the skin decreases. The feeling of tension and dryness of the skin is removed.
  Avocado - natural UV filter, a rich source of vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants have very good biocompatibility with human skin has a unique regenerative and softening properties. Effectively prevents water loss from the skin while moisturizing deeply. Visibly improves the condition of dry and dehydrated skin.
  Usage: Massage the skin of the whole body.


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