Alfaparf That\'s It Gold Fever shampoo for dyed hair with warm tones

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 20 November, 2017.

Alfaparf That's It Gold Fever shampoo for dyed hair with warm tones

Price:   9.54 € 

A new hair care line dedicated to those who choose bold blond hair or courageous white and gray hair. Formulas that revive and give endless reflections of light, whether it's natural or dyed hair. For a healthy and soft hair you can really be proud of
The Gold Fever Shampoo reveals the beauty of white or gray hair, both natural and dyed, clarifies the color and fights against the unwanted yellow hue.
Suitable for frequent use without sulphates and parabens
They contain reflective pearl particles that diffuse light in all directions, giving a deep blond color and incredible glow. The contained seramid nourishes the hair and aligns its structure. Phyto keratin thanks to its extremely similar structure to that of hair, acts healthy and vital to your hair.


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