Conditions of Use

Terms of electronic shop for cosmetics, makeup and perfumes BEAUTY COSMETIC.BIZ, SOFIA

These conditions govern the relations between ET Ruslana Stantcheva - Beauty cosmetic website owner BEAUTYCOSMETIC.BIZ / Online store / and visitors and users of the websites and services located domain. By entering, browsing and / or using this web site you agree unconditionally and without restrictions to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree and do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use this website and leave it.

The object of sale

The object of sale in this website are various types of products / cosmetics perfumery, cosmetics underwear gifts and homeware. / For you, which are described and arranged in sections. The price of each commodity is including VAT.

There is an opportunity to order your personal wish that we can add to the inscription on the card or on some of the gifts.

If you would like a holiday package or box, you can note in the comments box

BEAUTYCOSMETIC.BIZ not responsible for possible differences in the colors of the purchased goods due to different types of screens on computers and their settings.

BEAUTYCOSMETIC.BIZ reserves the right to change prices, names and descriptions of goods at any time without the need for prior notice to its users.


The examination of the website is accessible to all visitors. Shopping is possible only by registered users. For registration in the Electronic shop needed your name, address, e-mail and telephone number. (0tnosno security of personal data necessary for registration, you can read more in the "Security") password, which you will sign must be at least 6 characters. Not perceived spaces and special symbols. It is desirable to remember your password and do not write it down. Besides address when registering you have the right to save another 4 shipping address. You can view and edit personal information you have already provided us.

Shopping website

Once you have selected an item from our web site press "Buy". If you want more than one item, press "Continue" button. If you make a mistake with the choice of product, you can delete and click "Refresh". After completion of the market press "Check". You can use the "Change Address", depending on the place of delivery. Addresses which you can save a total of 5. "Comments about your purchase" at will and without obligation may record data about the invoice, skype or icq number, special text on card or a personal comment. It "Method of payment" and "Confirm request". For abroad we have a ban on sending of goods under pressure because of the danger from explosion during transport - and do not deliver, they will be automatically removed from your order

Method of Payment

Payment in ePay.BG - This payment can be made with a debit card with the logo of BORICA and international credit cards Master Card and Visa, issued in Bulgaria or abroad. To do this payment is necessary to have a registration system of ePay.BG.

Once you choose this payment method and confirm your request, you will be automatically redirected to, where you must enter your username and password and confirm the payment. Again you will be redirected to our payment page BEAUTYCOSMETIC.BIZ thus can be immediately traced and verified by both sides, which guarantees security, comfort and speed. For more information, visit the

Payment from abroad - implemented in the same way in ePay.BG, but instead register an ATM card, register it through a bank statement. For more information

If you want to make the payment otherwise you can contact us through the contact form. Payment on delivery option is valid only for Bulgaria.

Before the expiry of the 7 day period pursuant to Article 53 of the CPA all payments are accepted as deposit

Order Processing

Once we receive your order, we will wait to receive a payment from you, and then will proceed to the processing and delivery of your order. Once you send your order, you will receive a tracking number. Development of your application can track online, on our website, through status "pending", "execute" and "delivered".


The delivery time is different and depends on what country you are

Delivery Prices

The cost of delivery is different for each country - the price for delivery depends on the severity of your selected products and where you are. Once we receive your order we will send you back an email with an exact price for your order . We don't offer free shipping from abroad


If for some reason you are not satisfied of the merchandise according to Art. 55, para 1 of the CPA can return it within 7 days of receipt, provided that it is returned in the form in which it is obtained and used without. Exceptions to this rule are regulated in Article 55, paragraph 2 of the CPA.


No one can see or edit your personal information without knowing your user name and password.

It is desirable to remember your password and do not write it down! Passwords on our sites should be at least 6 characters! Not perceived spaces and special symbols.

BEAUTYCOSMETIC.BIZ undertakes to protect the information you provide.

To register in the shop are required Your name, address, e-mail and telephone number. BEAUTYCOSMETIC.BIZ no responsibility in respect of acts performed by incorrect information provided by a user. Data recorded in the registration of the client are considered strictly confidential and will never be shared with third parties. The information will be used solely for the performance of your order. BEAUTYCOSMETIC.BIZ will disclose your personal information without notice only if it is required by law by the judicial permission.

When sending login, registration and electronic payment through ePay.BG using secure encrypted connection via SSL protocol.

Your IP address is recorded when an order.  

Be honest!

Changes and additions

When you make changes and additions to these terms and conditions, we will publish them on this website, as correct and date of the last update at the beginning of this document, so you can be kept informed.


Copying / except for non-commercial personal use /, transmit, distribute, store or in any other way use some or all content on the website BEAUTYCOSMETIC.BIZ in any form.