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Product description
Ikarov macadamia nut oil 3.30лева

Ikarov macadamia nut oil - 3.30лева

macadamia nut oil is extracted through cold pressing of the Australian walnuts. To put oil at close to human skin composition - contains up to 85% mono-saturated triglycerides, which makes it a record of the natural oils. About 20% of its composition are palmitolein triglycerides, which have antioxidant effects and protect the cell membrane. Palmitolein acid contained in the skin, but decreases with age level. Therefore, macadamia nut oil is an important means to reduce the effects of aging.
Breeds softens its impact hydrating properties and make it the ideal tool for dry and aging skin, helping to maintain its smoothness, elasticity and fresh appearance.
macadamia nut oil easily absorbed-this is called "vanishing oil, almost odorless. It is hipo allergen has a favorable impact on sensitive skin, is ideal for massage during pregnancy. Serve to reduce and prevent stretch marks. Apply in cases of babies but rashes and milk crust. Has a good effect in sunburn, and signs of fraying wounds.
macadamia nut oil has a high moisture capacity restraint. Because of its high stability is preferred procedures with hot oil. "



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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 24 January, 2009.
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